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Our Menu



 Egg roll (2) $2.95

Pot sticker (6) $4.95

Cream cheese wonton (6) $4.95

Paper wrapped chicken (6) $5.95

Chicken sticks (4) $6.50

Fried jumbo shrimp (6) $6.50

Salt pepper tofu $5.95



Egg drop soup (cup $1.95; bowl $5.95)

Hot sour soup (cup $1.95; bowl $5.95)

Wonton soup (cup $2.50; bowl $6.50)

World wonton soup (bowl $7.95)

Veggie tofu soup (bowl 6.50)

house special noodle soup $8.95

Seafood tofu soup (bowl $7.95)

Sizzling rice soup (bowl $7.95)


VEGETABLE $8.75(Served w/rice)

 Mix veggie delight

Tofu w/mix veggie

Szechwan tofu

Spicy garlic veggie

Kung pao tofu

Curry tofu

 MU SHU (served w/4 pancakes)

 Choice of: chicken, pork or beef $8.95/shrimp $10.50)

EGG FOO YOUNG (Served w/rice)

plain$8.95(add meat$1/shrimp$1.25)

CHICKEN $8.95 (Served w/rice)

 Sweet sour chicken

Mix veggie chicken

Cashew chicken

Curry chicken

Kung pao chicken

Pon pon chicken

Orange chicken

Teriyaki chicken

Sesame chicken

Spicy garlic chicken

Lemon chicken

Chicken w/ black bean sauce

Broccoli chicken

General Tao’s chicken


PORK $8.95 (Served w/rice)

 Sweet sour pork

Mix veggie pork

Pork w/black bean sauce

Spicy garlic pork

Twice cooked pork

Pork w/snow peas

 BEEF $9.49 (Served w/rice)

 Beef broccoli

Beef w/snow peas

Mongolian beef

Kung pao beef

Beef w/black pepper sauce

Spicy garlic beef

BBQ sauce beef

Mix veggie beef



Choice of: veggie or ham $7.95

chicken, beef, pork, shrimp or house 


SHRIMP $10.50(Served w/rice)

 Sweet sour shrimp

Cashew shrimp

Kung pao shrimp

Shrimp w/snow peas

Spicy garlic shrimp

Shrimp w/lobster sauce

Orange shrimp

Mix veggie shrimp

Tofu shrimp


 Choice of: veggie, chicken, pork,beef,shrimp or house special $8.95

 Lo mein (soft spaghetti)

Pan fried noodle (crispy egg noodle)

Chow fun (flat rice noodle)

Pad Thai (Thai spicy flat rice noodle)

Singapore rice noodle (thin rice noodle w/curry)

House special noodle soup


CHEF’S SPECIAL (Served w/rice)$11.95

 Sizzling rice royal shrimp 

House special sizzling platter 

Kung pao triple 

Hong Kong beef 

Salt pepper chicken 

Honey walnut shrimp 

Salt pepper shrimp 

Sesame beef 

Mix veggie fish 

Spicy garlic fish 

Sweet sour fish 


 DINNER A: $10.95/per person

(Served w/egg roll, cheese wonton, egg drop soup, rice and one entrée each person)

 DINNER B: $11.95/per person

(Served w/egg roll, fried shrimp, egg drop soup, rice and one entrée each person)

 (Choose your entrée from chicken, beef, pork, veggie or veggie list; all other items will be extra; no substations)




Steam veggie $4

Add tofu $1.50

Add meat $3.00

Add shrimp $4

Add veggie $1.50

Steamed rice or fried rice

(Small $3.00; large $4.00)

Sauce $2 (8 oz)

KIDS MEAL $6.50 (Served w/rice)

 Sweet sour chicken

Orange chicken

Cashew chicken

Mix veggie chicken

Broccoli beef

Chicken or beef Lo mein


 (Served MON-FRI: 11:00-3:30)

 A LA CARTE $5.50

 (Served w/one entrée and white rice)

 COMBO $6.50

(Served w/one entrée and egg roll, cheese wonton, egg drop soup and fried rice)

(Choose your entrée from below: shrimp items $1.25 extra; no substitutions please)

Sweet sour chicken, pork or shrimp

Cashew chicken or shrimp

Mix veggie chicken, pork, beef or shrimp

Spicy garlic chicken, pork, beef or shrimp

Kung pao chicken, beef or shrimp

Pon Pon chicken

Orange chicken

Sesame chicken

General Tao’s chicken

Teriyaki chicken

Mongolian beef

Beef broccoli

Tofu mix veggie

Mix veggie delight


 Chicken, beef or pork $44

Shrimp $52

Fried rice or Lo mein $44

Veggie delight $40

Appetizer tray (12 egg roll and 12 cheese wonton) $20




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